In previous Eukhost review article, I did mention about Eukhost cPanel control panel for their shared hosting plan, and also did a quick review through the Eukhost cPanel demo control panel. It was a good experience.

After I sign up with Eukhost, and got the hosting account. I log in to the Eukhost cPanel control panel and continue with setup the first website. I had moved this from old hosting to Eukhost and using their shared hosting plan. And so this Eukhost review site that you reading now are actually hosted with Eukhost and it’s my personal website.

From the Eukhost control panel, its standard cPanel X control panel. Make sure you have cPanel port 2082 enable for your computer and as well firewall.

I continue with my site setup, after setup the WordPress blog, I continue with the MySQL database creation. I create new MySQL database and also add a new database user to it. Upload in the MySQL data dump and my content is now migrated to Eukhost. Follow by DNS domain change to point to it, and it’s done.

Eukhost cpanel