Eukhost reviews & actual experience since 2008

Why hosted Eukhost review site is better?

This review site has been hosted with the their basic shared hosting from 2008 to 2012. In here, we have website uptime and speed test, truthful editor verdicts, and customer submitted user reviews and testimonials too. Besides these unbiased reviews, we also included the latest coupons and special discount codes inhere. There are few promotion available for new customer and we have a special type of ccoupon that offers recurring discount year after year.

Eukhost review: is Eukhost any good?

This is UK best web hosting company. They are the best in their region and their hosting products are nothing but the best. If you’re choosing UK hosting, please don’t compare it to US hosting that offers even better web hosting deals. This UK market is totally different and if you want to host within the region, this is the one to consider first.

official homepage

Eukhost reviews on web hosting feature.

If you are looking for a UK web host that offers the most web hosting products, this is the one to checkout in first place. They have budget hosting, VPS, and the new cloud hosting services too. Here are the latest product range available:

  1. Basic plan from £3.33 a month.
  2. Intermediate plan from £4.99 a month.
  3. Advanced plan from $6.66 a month.
  4. VPS Linux plan from £22.
  5. VPS Windows plan from £35.
  6. Cloud hosting from £35.
  7. Reseller hosting ranging from £14.99 to £34.99.

Eukhost cPanel demo and review

In previous review article, I did mention about this cPanel control panel for their shared hosting plan, and also did a quick walk through the demo control panel. It was a good experience. We have moved this review blog from old hosting to them and using their shared hosting plan. From the control panel, its standard cPanel X control panel.

Similar to other cPanel hosting, user can login to cPanel directly via their own domain name. Choose to use your primary domain and follow by “cpanel” and later enter username and password to login to control panel.

Eukhost cPanel control panel

Eukhost Softaculous script installer review.

They are a leading web hosting provider in UK had launched a new Softaculous script installer for free on their wide range of web hosting solutions. A great news for all users, Softaculous is one click installer with 148 scripts for your websites. Softaculous script installer for cPanel which is easy and fast to use, and it installs scripts in just a click. The installation via Softaculous script is very strong, well designed and user friendly web interface that provides users the ability to install and upgrade in increasing collection of web applications with just a click.

If Softaculous installer is not available on your cPanel account, you can request from the technical support to get your cPanel install for you.  For more information about Softaculous script, kindly contact their technical support via live chat, phone, or email.

Eukhost Softaculous installer

Eukhost review on email and webmail client.

When searching for new Web hosting did you ever consider their email features and webmail features? You need to take note that some Web hosting plan is not complete with email features or lack of certain email functions especially your favorite web mail clients. Thus this is important to check through their emails and the webmail features.

Their shared hosting comes with cPanel control panel, and they allow you to host unlimited website, and also offering unlimited email accounts. This mean you can create as many email account for your user and each of them having their own inbox and as well webmail client access.

A moment ago I tried to access my webmail account, but I can’t manage to get to webmail log in page. I’m getting the “Page load error”… Seem like there is some problem with webmail access. I had to contact technical support team and asked for the help to fix this. If you have in the same problem, please contact customer support team as well.

Eukhost reviews on MySQL database and feature.

With any shared hosting plans, you’ll receive a cPanel as your control panel and unlimited MySQL database. They give you access to a database. When doing database hosting the database is the most important part of the entire application and is where all the processing is done. For e.g. Blogs, eCommerce, or perhaps message boards, in order to set up a blog, it will need a unique database as well as a corresponding database user.

It can be essential to observe that user in this instance is simply not actually a person, but is usually an automated component of a database which manipulates the data it has. Databases provide a way of handling considerable amounts of information easily on the internet. They are really essential to operate numerous web based applications like forums, content management systems, as well as online retail stores.

After you have set up both the database as well as the database user, you will have to put in place the right privileges, in order that the application is able to use the database user to gain access to as well as manipulate data included inside the database.

If you have to develop a good database along with the account that can gain access to it, it is advised to take advantage of the MySQL Database Wizard. On the other hand, you can create the database, add users, as well as link the database with an existing user account.

Eukhost review on site builder and web design.

They provide a Web Easy as a tool for your website builder, it is a very simple and easy that will help you and guide you through building your website if you hosted with them. This website builder is specially configured and designed to operate on the best.  You can create your website using your web browser on your local computer without any website programming languages such as html, telnet, http, or ftp.

There is only require you to get connected to the website and then you can build your own professional looking website at anytime through website builder. For any modification of your website, you also can simply make changes to your website when after you get to access to your online website builder available at 24 hours and 7 days. No installation is required and your website is built and managed using web browser.

Eukhost DNS domain name server and IP address

Are you searching for your domain name server? You can’t find this online through their official website, because they are lots of DNS name servers. You have to check your setup email that you receive after signing up new account.

For my case, my shared hosting is using ns51, instead of the common ns1 thing. Our web hosting server is using IP address and uses the following DNS fields:


Once you obtain these DNS name server, you can point your existing domain name to a them or transfer your domain over. Your domain name can remain at existing registrar, but pointing to this name server and host your website here. If you require help with domain transfer, kindly contact the technical support to help you.

Eukhost uptime downtime review.

This website uptime and failure percentage is being monitored for few years. We are curious to know how good this shared hosting services as they are promising 99.95% uptime guarantee. For our real web hosting plan, we are getting somewhere around 99.388% only. This is far less than what being promised.

our website uptime statistic

Eukhost speed test and response time

Today we carry out a server speed testing and it shows the server is responding in 0.5 second and loading the website in 1.2 seconds. This website speed result is averagely good. With our website URL for speed test, it shows a time to connect is 0.50962 second and later with total loading time of 1.251622 second.

Our website speed test result.

Eukhost reviews and our sign up experience.

I just sign up with them and selected their shared hosting plan. Previously I had a wrong impression, cause of them displaying the hosting fee in EURO instead of USD format. I thought its £22.99 per month (per month is common term for US based hosting company). A quick look does give me a wrong impression. However, when I reviewing their hosting plan and look into much more details.

That is a really good hosting deal. It’s hard to find a good price that offering below fifty dollars. So I had decided to sign up with them, due to their great hosting pricing and good reputation (from my review finding). I give them a try, sign up new hosting plan through their website, and selected to checkout using Google Checkout. You can choose to pay with PayPal for your hosting plan as well.

Once done, I receive email from tech support team and also the invoice for the transaction. Very soon they contact me after 15 minutes time, yes they called me, ring my phone. And I have to do phone verification with them to complete the transaction. It’s just a few simple questions and it’s all done.

Eukhost reviews on affiliate program.

Their affiliate program pays up to £300 per referral. Are you happy or satisfied using their products services and would like to intro to your friends or family? Here you can join this affiliate program where you can refer to other people; they will then give you a commission as a reward. For each successful referral, you will receive a credit to your affiliate account. It is completely free to join and the payment will be credited to your PayPal account monthly. Is this affiliate program really paying? From our experience, the answer is yes.

What is our overall Eukhost rating?

After many years of reviews, our overall rating is good. After hosting with their UK hosting for several years, and see their improvement done. Their budget plans give little amount of storage and bandwidth and some websites will find it insufficient. For this reason, webmaster will be forced to choose bigger plan and paying more for that.

Our overall Eukhost rating

Eukhost coupon codes & promotional code

Eukhost coupon code for 50% off.

This November 2014 is the best time of the year to signup with, their promotion price for this whole month is now 50% off regular. There are 3 shared hosting plans available and all of them are available with half price off promotion. Choose any annual hosting plan, signup and at step-3 checkout page, enter in the following promotional code and you are now entitle for this 50% discount price. This promotion is valid for first time customer who purchase directly via the following voucher link.

Eukhost coupon 50% off

Eukhost coupon for 15% discount.

There are few promo codes available online, and some are offering discount to shared hosting, dedicated server and VPS plan. Choose the right code to use, and get their best offer price for first time signup.

For this year 2014, here is the promotion code offering the best 15% saving. This promotional code is valid throughout September of this year and valid for all VPS web hosing signup. Use the following “SEP2014″ discount code and instantly getting this 15% off.

Sept 2014 promotion with 15% discount

Eukhost coupon for 10% recurring discount.

This is the coupon to use for 10% recurring rebate, it’s the best coupon code available and give recurring discount every time you clear your bill. Great value for long run and this coupon code offer the largest discount price.

For March and April 2011, new customers can use the following coupon code for 10% to 20% off on dedicated servers hosting plan. And this Coldfusion hosting plan is starting at £4.99 per month only; a special promotion for this month.

Besides the above promotion, here is another coupon that we preferred and it is valid since 2006 until now.

Get 10% off recurring discount with this promotion code

Eukhost coupon 20% off Christmas sales.

They are having a Christmas sales 20% discount off of all shared hosting and reseller hosting plans. It is very simple only, just use coupon code “XMAS20″ during your hosting checkout. A new price will be auto calculated for you after 20% recurring discount code.

Get the Euk dedicated servers with up to 20% off, and here is the breakdown of the new price. Ranging from £300 in total saved and customer are able to get this at spectacular deal.

Now with advanced poll script

This cPanel hosting is offering one click script installer on their new shared and reseller hosting server. At here, you can create polls and survey for your website by using advance poll. Generate a poll or survey easily with a simple form creation wizard. It is very easy to set up and has tons of options and features. We would recommend this script if you are looking for a simple poll script that calculates percentages from multiple choice offerings.

advanced poll script

New spam assassin and email filter

They provide an affordable business or personal web hosting solutions and high quality services. With packages starting at just $22.99 per year, you can get a full featured web hosting plan that come with unlimited email accounts, unlimited domain hosting, PHP, MySQL and as well as email spam protection.

They are offering the features of spam assassin for email filter and Boxtrapper to help protect you from unwanted email. The spam assassin and the Boxtrapper is available for free on cPanel, the control panel.  It is very easy to use, just a few simple steps to enable the features, you may login to Eukhost cpanel where you can choose the features that you think is most applicable.

BoxTrapper is most effective compare to spam assassin as they are enable you to add both white list and black list. You may also add the spam keyword to the banned listed which is a very powerful to filter all the spam emails.

10th anniversary celebration

This hosting company has been 10 years successfully to provide the best web hosting services and technologies to all their customers. To celebrate their 10 years anniversary, they have decided to offer a giant contest to all affiliates wit lots of exciting prizes and rewards. Win exciting prizes with their affiliate program and forum. All you need to do is take part in their 10th anniversary contests and you will get a chance to win fabulous prizes like a Car, Ipad, IMacs, Laptops, Xmas Party packs and lots more. The contest runs from August 8, 2011 and end at November 30, 2011. The winner for these contests will be declared in the month of December 2011.

This contest is open to everyone. Just is part of their membership now and you will get a chance to win a car. Before register it, you need a PayPal account. How to increase your changes of winning the prizes? Everyone will get a chance to win for those who refer the most number of new signups, generate the highest revenue, which get the single highest order, forum threads which get maximum number of unique visitors. As a bonus, you will receive a free gift if you joined before 30th November 2011.

10th anniversary celebration

Eukhost backup review – Now offering free backup service

They are offering the best backup service that allows you to have free online backup of all the files and configurations on your website.  You can choose your backup destination, as there are few options are provided for your backup. You may have storage space available for backup on the host’s server or on your home directory which you can keep a copy to your local computer.

The Eukhost backup services are very reliable to ensure your data is safe and secure in the state of the art data centres. You also can use the backup to transfer the account to another server or to keep a local copy of your critical files. The file backup is with very basic uploading and downloading. Once u have logged into your cPanel, go in to the Backups section. From here, you will see a Full Backups to generate a full backup and Partial Backups where you can store your files manually.

In addition, if you choose a remote location for your backup destination, you will need to fill in the location, username, password, and etc. Moreover, if you want to have notification of your backup, you can fill in your email address that you can be notified when the backup is complete and then click the generate backup button to start backup your files. The individual backups can be restored over here. Just browse to their location on your computer, and upload.

Dedicated server with free offsite backup system. All dedicated server plans are now come with a free 25 gigabytes office backup system which is worth £10 in order to save your business if in case your server goes down and data gets lost due to unfortunate hardware failure. This hosting offers unlimited bandwidth for all backup plans, you can upload and download files of any size.

You can request for technical support to enable jailed SSH access without any extra charges. It’ll make it easier to setup backup scripts or install Cron jobs etc.

It is highly recommended to use offsite backup system if you are running a business on a dedicated server. As mentioned above, backup is essential to prevent your important data loss regardless server hardware failure. Once installed offsite backup system, data can be easily transferred over the Internet, getting s system back up and running in no time at all.

Eukhost CMS Review – Testing CMS open-source apps

Eukhost Joomla website test.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS solutions for your website; you can easily to create your own template on your website which allows you to change from the standard templates to your own personalised template. Compare to Drupal, Joomla is easier to use as it doesn’t need to handle the technical issues, as the feature is more towards on graphical interface, less learning curve.

If you are looking for Joomla, you can find it on their cPanel hosting packages. You can log in to cPanel and the installation is just at one click through Fantastico where it located on control panel, go to simple scripts and choose the Joomla script.

Eukhost Drupal website test.

Drupal is a popular CMS platform, equipped with a powerful blend of features, and support a variety of web sites ranging from personal web blogs to large community driven web sites. You can use the Fantastico auto install scripts to make it quick and easy to set up Drupal site.

How easy is it? Firstly, you have to sign up for any of the hosting plan. After signed up, you can log in to cPanel and then click on the Fantastico link.

We have been testing their hosting service to create website and found out this Drupal is great, performs better than Joomla. The Drupal script is more advanced and in have some edge too. Apart from excellent uptime, our Drupal site is running relatively fast.

Eukhost Mambo website test.

This hosting offers you a various types of content management system (CMS) scripts at the most affordable price which enable you to create you own website by your own. One of the CMS scripts that really impressed me is Mambo Open Source. I had discovered Mambo a few days ago and I am quite excited of doing this on my own as I don’t know a lot about scripts, hosting or security. Their hosting service is pretty good as they always support me to run the system smoothly.

Mambo is an open source CMS with full featured that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. For example, the CMS of choices for many small businesses and personal sites, website portals, corporate intranets and extranets, eCommerce site, non profit outreach, schools, church, and community sites.

Mambo hosting is free to install in Fantastico page and can use by anyone who needs an elegant and catchy theme for a Mambo website. New version of Mambo had been released recently, they are upgraded the template to allow you to more easily customize your title of the website.